Yoga Department

Yoga Department: Kumaun University

Almora is a perfect place for yoga and meditation, it is situated in the mountain range of himalayas. The yoga department of KUMAUN UNIVERSITY, S.S.J. CAMPUS, ALMORA is surrounded by three dieties namely kasardevi, syahidevi and banaridevi. It is an ideal location. Almora is a place where Swami Vivekanand, Lahirimahasay, Satyanand Saraswati, Mahatma Gandhi, and Tagore etc. made their penitent. The calm and peaceful atmosphere has attracted saints and spiritual leader from across the globe. The famous ‘Jageshwar Dham’ temple of lord shiva is only 40 km far away from this place. Lord shiva is the origin of yoga tradition. This makes the location of the campus more significant. More over’ Vivekananda kutir’ (from where Swami Vivekananda got his spiritual enlightenment) is also situated in the vicinity of Kumaun university campus, almora. Millions of devotees visit the shiva temple and vivekanad kutir annually. The snow covered mountain of Himalaya makes this campus like a heaven for yogis to perform yoga and meditation practices.


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